Individual Project | 3 weeks | 2018 Summer


Desktop Research
User Interview

MBE-Style Illustration

After Effects

How’s the market?

Our goal is to help users customize their own fruit freshers, smoothie and drinks at home with a simple blender. It would not only help them with saving cost on purchasing drinks but also would providing much fun when they you prepare your smoothie. Different human body’s needs of different vitamins varies quite a lot and, you are the one knows your body most.  Users are able to determine what to add when they want to have a healthy self-made fruit juice with our help.

Surprisingly , during the research process, it is found that American are obsessed with smoothies and fruit drinks so much that even more people would vote for smoothies than eating meat of tofu.

Who’s the Typical User?

With more than 1/4 American claimed that they are somewhat obsessed to smoothies and fruit drinks, there’s no doubt that’s a huge marketing opportunity. Just look at how welcomed and popular those smoothies stores are such as Freshens and Jamba Juice.

So who are our main user group? Our core users, so as called current users are those who are already smoothie lovers. Based on customer review from Yelp and Trip Advisor, the review of Freshens are mostly young female. Most of them mentioned the taste and its healthy recipe is the reason why they are addicted to drinking smoothies.

There’s an interview going on with Hannah – a work out lover, a Gatech student, a smoothie lover who is really caring about her health.

  • Hi Hannah, introduce a bit about yourself!

  • Heeey I’m Hannah in second year of master at Gatech. Apprently i’m invited because i’m a crazy smoothie lover.

  • Cool How crazy your are?

  • Human body contains 60% of water but for me it’s 60% of smoothie.

  • Wait.. What are the reason you are so addicted?

  • It’s healthy, or at least makes me feel it’s healthy. Well tasted and it won’t bring me any stress while drinking, unlike other soft drink..

  • That make sense! Where do you get it mostly?

  • There’s on freshen’s at CRC (*gym) and it’s always my first place. Nothing is better than having a mango strawberry smoothie after working out.

  • Do you make smoothies by yourself?

  • Not too often. I have a blender though. Although i don’t wanna admit but the one sells at store is always tasting better than home-made. But i still enjoy making it very much because it’s really fun.

  • Would you mind explaining the “fun” a bit more?

  • It’s more about the time you spent on making the drink - even you know you might lose but you are trying something new. Especially when you are making it for others it really feels good because there’s no guilty of making unhealthy food.

Meet the Persona

A typical user personal is built based on Hannah’s image since she’s the one who spends more than 100 per month on smoothie and fruit juices. In most case, fruit juice and smoothie lovers are aware of the importance of being healthy and stay fit. What’s interesting is that they won’t say no to desserts even they are clear it’s unhealthy. Young people are more addicted to smoothies so as kids. Most of them are employees, officers or students. Because of them caring for fitness, they have some level of exercise skills like ball games or swimming. “The best reward after working out is mango strawberry smoothie”, as Hannah mentioned.

Get Inspirations 

What users are pursuing are not limited to what is tasty but also what is healthy and beneficial to your body, or other miraculous good looking combo. Fruits have different functions for body – some of them are pursuing solid skin, some of them are helpful for losing weight. One of the product goal is to provide inspirations to users and let them enjoy the smoothie making.

Smoothie Lover Community

Users are able to share customized recipe to each other and create their own recipe together.

Categorize all functions we want to include

After finishing the storyboard with Hannah together, functions that are expected to get from the app started being extracted. It’s time to categorize those functions and assign them to each page. Although interaction flow at this step was still a draft, it would be a good chance to think about it.


Before start visualization, it was always important to determine a visual style. Here I choose MBE style because it matches with smoothie and fruits’ image – Energetic, Adorable, Sweet and really make users feel delightful.

Keeping the same style as the color palette, all colors matching the MBE style would be bright, soft and warm. The aim of the app is to bring joy for users from both viewing perspective and practice one.

Meet Fruits

Icon System



Users are able to access the recipes, collections, seasonal fruits, upload and setting options in the frontpage. Activities undergoing is placed on the most obvious and attracting position. The frontpage is moveable by swiping it.



Recipe would include a series of pictures or video depends on what users uploaded showing the making process of the drink. Detailed step would be displayed underneath the video and would be including consuming time. Each step includes the ingredients that are involved. Besides, drink photos are also displayed as a “gallery” for users to upload their “art piece”. Always there’s a Q&A section for viewers to communicating with recipe provider.

Fruit page


In some cases, users only get several fruits without knowing what is the best recipe he could go with. Jooci  provides a fruit based search function. Seasonal fruits always come first in the list. By swiping the list users can browse more options. If fruit pages, it would include a fruit nutrition introduction. The best matched fruit would appear as well. Popular recipes using the seasonal fruits will always show on the top.



Search icon is always displayed at the top corner on a page. The search page would pump-out when tapping it. It would automatically search all results including name, ingredients, process, users and everything.

Add a New Step – Ingredient


Ingredients are divided into four main categories. Fruits, Drink (Liquid), Sweetener and Decoration. Users are able to skip if some of them are not included. Popular ingredients are displayed as icons. It’s always a multi-choice option. After users finishing choosing, tap the click to go back.

Add a New Step – Detailed Steps


After choosing ingredients, the rest steps are customized by recipe uploaders. Basically there are four main steps including dealing with fruits, preparing it a drink and decorating it. More detailed steps are fully depending on users to add.


  • Illustration skill got improvement while working on the project.
  • It’s my first time prototyping with video editor. Before this project, I had the stereotype that a designer shouldn’t use video editor to prototype because it shouldn’t be counted as a “prototype”. I withdraw that thought and i’m confessing now 🙂 Video editor has the most flexibility ,and the outcome is so friendly to viewers.

Updated 9/5/2018

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